The 7 C’s of Business Writing

Have difficulty writing business? For some reason, there is not enough. There is always a solution for all the problems and for your part, you can search for simple ways to help you in writing tasks.

If you've been looking for simple guidelines that you can follow in business writing, you can consider "7 C". Although it is quick to understand and easy to remember, following them is guaranteed to improve the quality of your business documents.

  1. Clarity. The good business writing is clear. He has a definite message, without confusion as to what each phrase attempts to communicate.
  2. Correction. It has the correct grammar (courtesy of an English business software) and precise facts, communicating successfully with your message because it has solved all the errors, whether mechanical or done.
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  3. Concision. The written business articles are correctly concise, expressing ideas with the words you need. There are no unnecessary long-term inconveniences and patents around the bush.
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  4. Conversational. Good business writing seems like a real business conversation. There is no language difficult to process and no unnecessary ambiguity.
  5. convincing. Use a serious tone to paint a credible and convincing image, regardless of whether you want to persuade a prospect or present a report.
  6. Cortés. Good business writing takes people into account, so it is callous or insensitive.
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    There is a promising air of courtesy for everybody that goes, regardless of their high or low occupation.
  7. Complete. It is necessary to complete a good business document that contains all the information that the recipients need to understand it effectively.

Source by Jane Sumerset