Step by Step Guide How to Fold A Wrinkled Wrinkle Suit

Where to start a good-looking ride. You've put in a lot of money to get dressed properly and attend business trips and meetings when you arrive at your destination. Sometimes you need to leave the plane or train and get the right job, which can include jet lag, be hungry, thirsty and carry your bags from place to place.

Fortunately, most of us use wheelchairs to jump around the airport. Remember the day you are dragging around large pieces of stuffed luggage you barely wear? I know. What happens in the mobile phone industry is just the opposite of what is happening in the tourist industry. Cell phones or smartphones are getting bigger and the bag is getting smaller. More and more, we have to pack less and less so that we do not disturb luggage check or punishment for aviation companies for overweight in our marked bags.

This brings me to the subject of this article, how she overlaps a suits without suits without any wrinkles. I would like to emphasize that this technique can be used for both men and women. With this method you can even fold your shirts and lightweight clothing. The central part of this time, taught by my grandfather who taught her from my father, is to form the worst pieces of clothing in the latest pieces. What you need to worry about is the structure of your jackets. When dressing tailor-made clothing, the most important part to avoid wrinkles is not to crush your shoulders or collar. These areas have been pressed many times in the clothing factory to give you the shape needed to shape the body. That's what clothes fit well, how many times it was pressed during the creation.

Now is the question of how to fold the jacket jackets to avoid wrinkles and not cover the collar and shoulder area? Follow me here because it might be a bit uncomfortable to explain this, but in reality it's not difficult and it only takes a few seconds. You do not need another person or table to put on a jacket.

Take each hand and stretch your fingers.

1-Place each arm in the shoulder jacket with the jacket opening facing you. Now your hands should be under what's called a jacket collar.

2-Put two hands, palms together with them inside the shoulder of the jacket.

3-now right hand. on the left shoulder jacket inside and remove the left hand. Now you should hold the jacket with your right hand, and your left hand is now free.

4-Use your left arm to lift the collar and revere so they are now facing out.

Hold the left hand support at the top of the collar that is right up and right with your right shoulder pull both shoulders to the right as you turn the collar in your left, turning the shoulder pads one at a time. with both hands, align the gobstones so that the gutter or top is up

7 – Hold the collar again to support the collar and ribs together and use your right arm, push your shoulders back to the other side. Now the jacket should be half vertical, and the shoulders are still in the rounded shape only one in the other.

8-For the last step, fold the jacket halfway horizontally over and over and over there. You just learned how to fold the jacket and pack it without wrinkles.

Jacket is now fully straight. The shoulders are not crumpled or crushed. The collar will retain its shape. Now you can wrap your jackets each other in their luggage alternately where your shoulders are lying, making sure that you benefit from the best luggage space.