Ahil Tendonitis – Three Simple and Successful Ways to Treat Ahil Tendonitis

Most runners take good care of their shoes and spend a lot of money on their shoes every year. Good running shoes provide support and protection for your feet. What most people usually forget are their normal shoes they wear when they do not deal with sports. The Par Converse Sneaker does not provide any protection from the heel. They are very rigid and do not provide any depreciation. A pair of shoes Johnstone and Murphy is still burning. I remember some time ago when I had a 12k morning problem without a problem. In the evening I went to the business trip and was late for the flight. I ran 800 meters to the gate at the marble floor at my Johnstone & Murphy mokasin and I immediately got the problems a day later. Action number one; See your everyday shoes and make some changes. Particularly, you must be sure that your shoes provide enough protection for your feet. Pressure on the back of the foot

I ride about 6000 km a year and I have never had problems with Achilles' toy in combination with cycling. A year ago I drove to the northernmost point in Sweden (Treriksroset) to the hottest point in Sweden called Smygehuk. It is a journey of over 2100 kilometers. A friend and I did this for eight days. It's almost 300 kilometers a day. After four days I got strong pain in my foot. I was biking, but I had big problems. My analysis, then, was that Achilles tendonitis caused the pressure on Achilles tendon by cycling shoes. One of my friends had serious problems with Achilles tendonitis. He could not even run. He got the same advice as me. When he could, he wore sandals that did not even press the Achilles tendon. During his working hours, he wore tailor-made shoes where he removed the cap at the end of the shoe and replaced it with a soft textile ribbon. His trick helped him a lot.

Excentric Training for Rehabilitation

The most important individual action I've taken to solve my problem with Achilles tendonitis is to perform Excentric Training for Rehabilitation. It's about regular placings in the opposite direction. Training should be done twice a day. Do 15 repetitions and repeat 3 times in the morning and in the evening. Do not bother you if he hurts. Keep going. Achilles tendon is the thickest tendons in the body and will not break, at least not because of this exercise. Good luck with your efforts and remember. Reading will not solve your problem with Achilles tendonitis. Get the knowledge!