Circulating Business Aviation Dollars

Commentary: If I was to write a letter to President Obama, referring to the decimation of his policies had been on business aviation and the aviation vendor industry it would have been stated as below.

Dear President Obama:

While attending college I became fascinated with flying. My money earned while working in factory jobs paid for flight training and college to become a business aviation pilot. In a sense I assisted the aviation community by circulating dollars so I can prosper and the industry may grow.

Occasionally I married, had three children and raised my family successfully all due to having a life time career in aviation as a business aviation pilot.

Within aviation, one must fly, spend fuel on aircraft and other expenses that add to the survival of the aviation vendor support industry. During my aviation career, I spend over three hundred (300) nights in the same hotel at one training facility location through my career. This does not include the one hundred fifty (150) nights each year I was away from the family for a job employer.

Govt aviation contracts when sent to Mexico, Brazil, China and other countries diminish my forty years of surviving the ups and downs of my aviation career. You are taking away food and purchasing power from a skilled work force. You are circulating our aviation dollars to other countries. You are driving a stake in the hearts and souls of those who are proud Americans. Those who have sacrificed time away from family, strive to reach the professional excellence and came out on the other end of life feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Your verbal and business aviation policy attacks have negated the successes of aviation business has worked hard to achieve.

Aircraft manufacturers use vendors to build aircraft for final assembly. This means jobs and families survive and prosper at these vendor locations.

With your admonishment of business aviation, tax policies, demagoguery of flying business jets, your non-support of attending Las Vegas conventions and along with business aviation expense you dislike is not supporting our economy. Now you ask my industry to pay for government budget spending, government over spending, government FAA regulatory intrusion and a special $ 100 flight tax is unacceptable to both skilled and unskilled everyday workers.

Our standard of living is reduced at each anti aviation statement and our purchasing power is being reduced. Mr. President those of us in business aviation are hurting and our families are hurting.

The 8.5% unemployment rate your administration states is fictitious and your administration knows this. You have not counted those who's benefits have expired, self-employed persons who are not working, contract workers, freelance pilots, independent business owners who have disappeared.

The aviation industry was founded in America. It is part of Americas fiber. The industry is not asking for GM bailouts, pension saving government gimmicks. The administration now admits taxpayers will lose $ 14 billion in the auto bailout. The aviation industry does not require a government bailout. Simply put, the aviation industry is asking you to support the spirit and dreams of men and women who made this industry great through hard and smart work. We want our jobs to return.

I ask your administration to support the industry, its dedicated workforce and entrepreneur spirit.