A guide to creating a slogan for your business

A good business slogan can help you highlight when a competition occurs. If you have a business tag that carries a simple and powerful message while your competitor has only a logo, you have the advantage of getting more than your target customers. The right slogan (s) can dictate how you will see both the outside and the inside.

What is a business slogan (slogan)?

Any form of business branding plan must involve creating a slogan. This is one of the basic elements needed to build an effective brand campaign. The slogan usually consists of a short phrase or phrase that serves to revive the company name. In fact, many large companies have created very successful business logos, so successful that the logos themselves recognized customers just as well as their names.

Features are often dismissed as elements of effective branding, which is also why a potentially good company name fails to achieve, its main purpose is to improve and maximize the name or give little insight into what the brand promises to deliver. Even a simple expression can go a long way when they are active with your brand. Follow these steps to create an effective business tagline.

first Consider why you need a slogan. Consider what is most important to your business. Make your business a slogan original, unforgettable, to differentiate your business and include the key benefit.

2nd Look at other logos and decide what to do and what not. For example, "Yello, Nigeria", "Everywhere You Go", "Life Is Beautiful" from MTN are unforgettable and immediately convey a powerful image.

3rd Be honest. It's bad if your slogan claims to be "the biggest restaurant in town". While in the city there is another bigger restaurant. Instead, focus on what differentiates you from competitors.

4th Create an emotional response. People like it when the slogan takes them to an emotional spot. The slogan takes you there in your head when you've been on these trips and have a little more freedom.

5. Make your business a buyer-oriented slogan. Try to know the opinions of your customers. What they like in your business and integrate it into your business slogan. A good business slogan tells clients about the benefits they offer them, shows you how to position your competitors and makes your business unforgettable to potential customers.

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  • Be original
  • Be memorable
  • Be simple
  • Be persuasive
  • Include key benefit
  • Set positive feelings for the mark
  • Remember Brands
  • Distinguish Brand
  • Think About Brand Personality
  • Be Strategic
  • Be Competitive
  • Be Clean
  • Help With Branding

    DON T

    • Use something in current use by others
    • Ask a sarcastic or negative answer
    • Be Pretentious
    • Be Negative
    • Be a Corporate Vafl