Choose from independent, hosted, and escorted

Browse online for your next tour, and some of them look absolutely fantastic and so cheap! But wait, there are a few words that I'm not sure of lately: hosting tours and independent tours.

A good question with a simple answer but knowing the difference will make a significant impact on your travel decision.

"Independent" means you are alone. The tourist company will book your hotels, and if you travel to different cities, they may even reserve your train seat. When your plane landed, you will travel to the hotel and if you want to see the sights, and well, that's why you're traveling, right? Mostly you will have to make arrangements yourself. You will come to any place by any method you choose … car, cabin or bus. Wear a good guide or hire a local person on the spot.

Why reserve this type of package if you own most of your time? Well tour companies have the purchasing power so you can save some money by buying a hotel stay of them, but that is not always the case. Check with your travel agent who will be happy to give you the price in both directions to make sure you get the best value.

"Hosted" includes a bit more hands. You can meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel, which is also pre-booked for you and you will have breakfast daily. Your "host" is a local tour expert (usually) who represents the company with whom you booked your trip. This person is available to you at a specific time each day to advise on sightseeing, restaurants and shopping in the area. They will also have available optional tours that you can book through them and travel. You will have enough time to do your thing, but you have the confidence that you can consult someone during your stay. If you are visiting multiple cities, transportation is pre-arranged for you, including train, bus or flights.

Attendance is the best choice if you are the language of the country you are visiting very pages (In most European countries you will find many people who speak fluent English). Your guide will meet you, wonderful, to meet you with others in your group … because escorts are accompanied almost always by groups of 24 to 40 people. (Exceptions are luxury tours where your group consists only of you and your private guides.) All your hotels and transportation are included. The guide checks you in each hotel and gives you the keys. Your luggage was taken to each room, then lifted and set back to the bus to relax. The guide and driver will follow you to all city sightseeing tours, make it easy to enter museums and monuments, have fun (hopefully) to drive to the next town and, all in all, behave like a brother "or "Your sister." You will be well cared for and you will most likely get the most out of your journey, and well-known guides make the career of sharing their inspirational insights and are well acquainted with local customs and must see the hidden treasure. Most travelers agree that the tourist guide is a key to a good vacation because of its wealth of information, heat and efficiency

In conclusion, "self-travel" best suits a very smart traveler who knows what he wants to see and do but is happy that someone has booked their hotels and train seats. is good for those who are capable of planning their time, are ready to see everything that can be seen and do their homework. The traveler may need or want help in selecting many sights of the city or place. "Escorting" is the most comprehensive way to visit a different country. It does not mean that you are lazy … just aware of the time and maybe not too well-versed in the history and knowledge of your chosen destination.

Tourism operators offer a variety of travel options to meet the needs of every traveler. Whatever style of travel you choose, you know in advance what you are buying.